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Sep. 29th, 2014

01:03 pm - Duh.

 photo Duh01_zps70ee60d3.jpg

I don't normally cast insults at my ungulate cousins, however the deer we get around my office building do not represent the brightest bulbs in their species.

This one was standing so close, I coulda hit it with a tape dispenser (if I was the kind of person who threw tape dispensers at stupid deer.)

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05:43 am - Thanks, Narratvie Clip Camera

 photo Saturday133042ndSt_zpsc70d75c7.jpg

Hm. I spent a few hours in NYC on Saturday, and I used the opportunity to stroll around wearing the Narrative camera. To my annoyance, either the camera fails to handle motion well, or I have developed a hobbledehoy gate that defies modern technology. Blur blur blur. This shot came out OK; walking East on 42nd Street at about 1:30 pm, between 6th and 5th Avenues.

I don't recall if I had any impression of why there are so few people in the image...the sidewalks had been more crowded back near Times Square, and became more crowded as I approached Grand Central Station. I suppose the touristy-types were across the street frolicking in Bryant Park.


Later on, I find this shot amusing: It's 7:30 and I'm looking out the window at the movie theater, waiting for my sister Katy to join me for the 8:00 pm showing of "The Boxtrolls." I like how the Narractive camera has positioned itself directly under the "Best Buy" store sign across the parking lot. Subliminal advertising!

 photo WaitingForKaty_zps01196cf0.jpg

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Sep. 28th, 2014

01:30 pm - Another unfamiliar bird

 photo Bird32_zpsa0b3b2c2.jpg

I noticed this unusual bird in my backyard. Anyone know what kind it is? Mostly black and white, so perhaps it's a penguin. Or maybe this one is just into Beagle Boys cosplay.

 photo Bird33_zps385f167a.jpg

Hmm...Beagle Boys cosplay. Is that a thing?

 photo Bird30_zpsd300faad.jpg

 photo Bird31_zpsa6f617c5.jpg

 photo Bird34_zps969090f3.jpg

I hope the photos aren't too blurry. Perhaps I should have thought to zoom in a little more. Here's one of the uncropped images, for a perspective on what the camera was picking up.

 photo Bird35_zps3ec34336.jpg

 photo Bird30uncropped_zpsad94312d.jpg

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Sep. 7th, 2014

06:53 pm - Buzzcocks NYC - Narrative Camera snaps

I also wore my Narrative camera, which randomly takes a snap every 30 seconds. Some shots came out fairly dramatic, if somewhat off-kilter:

 photo Buzzcocks10_zps15efa1a4.jpg

Steve Diggle, Danny Farrant, Pete Shelley

 photo Buzzcocks11_zps9dc21f90.jpg

Steve Diggle, (invisible) Danny Farrant, Pete Shelley, Chris Remington

 photo Buzzcocks12_zps785795af.jpg

Danny Farrant, Pete Shelley, Chris Remington

06:30 pm - Buzzcocks NYC - Steve Diggle and Pete Shelley

 photo Buzzcocks09_zps3817addc.jpg

Thanks guys! You were great!

06:23 pm - Buzzcocks NYC - Steve Diggle knows where his towel is

 photo Buzzcocks08_zps82c44f61.jpg

06:18 pm - Buzzcocks NYC - Chris Remington

 photo Buzzcocks07_zpsc9370a79.jpg

06:12 pm - Buzzcocks NYC - Pete Shelley and a subliminal Danny Farrant

 photo Buzzcocks06_zpse0f0d516.jpg

06:03 pm - Buzzcocks NYC - September 6th - Chris Remington

 photo Buzzcocks05_zpse0003740.jpg

Clear snaps of Chris Remington were also elusive; as you can tell from this shot, the auto-focus wanted to capture every detail of that speaker and its wires.

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05:46 pm - Buzzcocks NYC - September 6th - Danny Farrant sets the pace

 photo Buzzcocks04_zps74c41680.jpg

Danny Farrant was just a blur in most of the photos I took; got lucky this time.

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