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MoCCA 2015 Arts Festival - At Last! More Nonsense from Paul!

Apr. 12th, 2015

07:38 am - MoCCA 2015 Arts Festival

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I had a lot of fun yesterday at the MoCCA 2015 Arts Festival! The new venue, at 548 Center, West 22nd Street, provides a lot of space on three floors; it would be even better if the stairs were not so steep.

 photo Mocca201502_zpsefqye09v.jpg

The event was well-attended. Perhaps I will have additional photos today, after the festival closes. Seems the Narrative clip camera is having a bit of trouble with focus indoors. I'm unsure if this is caused by lighting, or what's the issue. Perhaps things will photograph more clearly today.

 photo Mocca201501_zpshjrttm8w.jpg