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What it means when I dream I'm riding a bus, talking with Samuel L. Jackson - At Last! More Nonsense from Paul!

May. 25th, 2015

09:34 am - What it means when I dream I'm riding a bus, talking with Samuel L. Jackson

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I've been blessed with interesting dreams, in recent days. This is probably an artifact of changes in weather which affect me while I sleep.

Last night I dreamt that I had parked my car somewhere in a New Jersey town, walked around looking for a certain store (which I never found) and then climbed aboard a bus in order to look for where I left my car. I realized that the bus might not stay in town, but might be headed to some other town entirely, and that I did not know the name of the town I parked the car in. I discussed this with Samuel L. Jackson, who was in the same predicament (no idea why I'm friends with Samuel L. Jackson in my dreams, but that was the detail which amuses me most, upon remembering) and we worked out a strategy for catching a return bus which would carry us back to our starting point.

I awoke briefly and thought: why am I dreaming I'm on the bus? I never dream of being on a bus. I realized the temperature in the bedroom was pretty cool, and that I might have some sinus congestion which could cause a sensation of motion (if it's on one side of my head, I sometimes wake up with vertigo, and sometimes I dream that I have shifted my car into reverse and the brakes fail to work)...and went right back to sleep.

Now, hours later, I am sitting here typing and also clearing my throat a lot (which supports my middle-of-the-night dream interpretation.) It just strikes me funny that I'd be having this elaborate dream about New Jersey (and I'm sparing you acres of useless detail which I recall, even after returning to sleep) and upon half-waking, explain it all away with the thought, "I must be congested."

I wonder what Samuel L. Jackson would say about it.

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