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The Truck Test - At Last! More Nonsense from Paul!

Jul. 5th, 2015

07:57 pm - The Truck Test

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 photo TruckTest_zpsgoaheidu.jpg

One of my favorite tools, when judging works of fiction (be they prose, or plays, or films, or whatever) is "The Truck Test": if any of these characters gets run over by a truck during the next scene, will I care at all? If the writer has failed to engage my sympathies even that much, the whole work is probably a dud.

For once, I get to apply this test literally, to an episode of Ultra Seven: "Asu o sagase!" ("Find Tomorrow")

Premise: Funny old mystic guy makes catastrophic predictions, and feels persecuted by a mysterious truck trying to run him down. The Ultra Guard take Yasui seriously at first, then tire of his dire (and unverifiable) forecasts.

The episode passed my "Truck Test": I hoped the truck would not run over Yasui the mystic.

These days, LOTS of teleplays fail my Truck Test.

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